On August 14 and 15, 2010, at the University of San Francisco, over 200 people from San Francisco came together to develop a comprehensive progressive agenda for the city. The Community Congress brought together community activists, residents, workers, artists and thinkers to create a progressive vision for the future of San Francisco. The impetus behind the convening of the Congress was to bring people together in a way that moved us beyond our particular “silos” and areas of specific concern to create a more unifying policy framework and shape the agenda of elected officials. We discussed a wide range of topics, from Health and Human Services, Public Transportation and Muni, Affordable Housing & Tenant Rights, to Community-based Economic Development. The various platforms developed, as well as an “Immediate Action Agenda,” can be found on these pages.

Beyond the Congress itself, we hope to continue a process of broad-based dialogue that links our various areas and concerns, including the shaping of candidate forums for District elections in 2010 and Mayoral elections in 2011, and developing an ongoing forum for discussion and generation of new ideas.


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  1. Joel Ventresca says:

    Please keep me informed of new developments.

  2. Affordable Rental Housing, public infrastucture, fair-share-impacts assessed on institutional growth, open-space protection and enhanced community input and addressing neighborhood concerns on development projects. All part of the issues. The BVHP, Treasure Island, Parkmerced, and other neighborhood projects are being rammed through without the input needed. I have submitted alternatives on the Parkmerced project to address concerns. The housing element DEIR document requires input by the congress, soon. Dont forget to submit on current projects your issues.

    Vision is required, and creativity a key need in the congress to address development concerns and submitting alternatives.

    Aaron Goodman

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