Final ratified platforms!

We are slowly recovering from the Community Congress, and finally updating the blog with the final ratified documents. Again, thank you to the 200 or so people who spent an entire weekend developing this step in a progressive agenda for San Francisco. Up today on our blog you can find the Economic Development and Health & Human Services platforms, as ratified by the full Congress on August 15 2010. Housing and Public Transit will be up shortly. Over the next two weeks, we will develop short framing introductions to describe the positions taken, and distill the recommendations (over 100) into a few major bullet points for Supervisor candidate forums. Stay tuned for upcoming candidate forums in Districts 6, 8, and 10, where we will ask candidates to take positions on the Congress platform.

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One Response to Final ratified platforms!

  1. Aaron Goldsmith says:


    I am a graduate student at State and I am writing about the progressive political movement for my thesis. Are you going to produce a similar document to the 1975 Congress including supporting organizations, recomendations, and policy goals? The 1975 Congress document is pretty awesome.

    I am sorry I missed the Congress last month!


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