HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Recommendations 2010

The San Francisco Human Services Network (HSN) is an association of over 100 community-based nonprofit agencies united into a public policy organization dedicated to addressing issues critical to the health and human services sector of San Francisco. On July 9, 2010, HSN convened a conference at the University of San Francisco: New Realities: Nonprofit Health and Human Services in San Francisco: Building a Unified Movement for Surviving and Thriving. About 200 nonprofit leaders developed actionable recommendations for our sector. HSN will present seven of our recommendations at the Community Congress for wider discussion and debate. For more information, see

1)             Conduct a coordinated citywide health and human services needs assessment driven by neighborhoods and communities.

2)             Working with service users, service providers and City employees, create a 10-year plan for health and human services that will guide yearly budget considerations.

3)             As the City implements the 2009 ballot measure that calls for a two-year budget cycle informed by five-year financial plans, require department heads and commissions to include the perspective of professional service providers and service users, including a standards analysis plan and a narrative about the impact on services.

4)             Open a dialogue with the Foundation community on addressing the changing needs of the non-profit human services community including community needs, accountability and funding cycles.

5)             Depoliticize the Request-for-Proposals (RFP) process by moving it out of city departments and into the Controller’s Office.

6)             Require city departments that contract with nonprofit health and human service providers to complete their implementation of the recommendations to streamline the city’s contracting and monitoring processes approved by the 2003 City Nonprofit Contracting Task Force, and ensure that current procedures and processes are consistent with those recommendations.

7)             Preserve services for the most vulnerable San Franciscans by focusing on revenue solutions to the city’s ongoing structural budget deficit, including November 2010 campaigns to increase the hotel tax and the real property transfer tax.

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